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Big d

Big D: He started in radio when he was 14 years old at a 1000-watt Christian radio station in Cookeville, Tenn. By the age of 17, he hosted his first talk show, which led to doing mornings on an oldies station in the same city.

His first country radio experience was when he was 19 in Billings, Montana, where he fell in love with the country lifestyle.

He also met my wife Kathy in Billings. They have two sons, Zak and Gunner.

Something that you may be surprised to learn; In high school he was an Exchange Student, and spent time in Russia...before the wall fell....when it was still Communist! Talk about crazy! Seeing that, and the way that the poor people of Russia lived and suffered under that regime really helps solidify his love for the Good 'Ol USA.

He am also an Instrument Rated Private Airplane Pilot, and a big aviation buff, you can usually find him tinkering around his hangar messing with the plane when he is not on the radio. Bid D can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from 6am to 10am


Bubba: He was 14 years old when he became a disc jockey at the local radio station in his hometown of Houma, La.

Ever the nomad at heart, he went on to use radio to travel the world and worked at stations in places such as Guam and Tokyo. While working in those cities, He was able to travel extensively to countries & cities in Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific. Eventually, he became homesick and returned to the U.S.......Trust him, it happens to anyone who lives overseas for too long. You NEED America!

Some of the other cities on his radio resume', are: Saginaw and Detroit, Michigan, Nashville, El Paso, Texas. He also had radio stints in various formats from Talk Radio and Hip-Hop, to Rock & Classic Rock in places like Reno, Nevada, Miami, Florida, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He met his wife Stacey in Baton Rouge. Currently, they have three children (Olivia, Ava, and Frank), and a ShihTzu dog (Bailey)

He is also a huge Frank Sinatra fan and a self professed "car-nerd" who uses his free time to drive anything he can get behind the wheel of. And, just like Big D...he is also a Private Airplane Pilot. Bubba can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from


Kathy Farnsworth, your Mid-day Mamma. She was born and raised in Delta, UT so her roots are right here in Mid-Utah. She started in radio at Snow College in the 70’s. The first radio station to hire her was a country music station in her home town. She loves being on the air and has worked at many radio stations and in numerous markets throughout Utah. She has also lived and worked in Idaho, Michigan, California, Oregon and Washington. It was during those many years in the Pacific Northwest that she became a HUGE fan of the Oregon Ducks. In 1991, she became News Director for a television station in Klamath Falls, OR and spent the next several years working in television before returning to radio permanently. She loves the outdoors, playing golf, attending sporting events, and loves spending time with her family, friends and her two dogs, Frankie and Radio. Kathy can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from 10am to 2pm.


Shotgun Jackson: Brandon the "Original" Shotgun Jackson was born in Provo, Utah but grew up in Ephraim. He moved away at a young age to pursue his lifelong Dream of being on the radio. Shotgun has worked with some of the biggest Radio stations and personalities. Brandon achieved his dream at the very early age of just 13. He was recording commercials and a weekend personality on K-96 in Provo. At age 16 he was the number 1 night personality in all of Salt Lake on KBER 101. Just a few of the radio stations he has been a Part of in Salt Lake: K-Bull 93, 97-1 ZHT, KKAT, B-98.7, Kisn 97, KCPX. Brandon also worked in Las Vegas, Boise, St. George, and Logan. At one point we almost lost Brandon when he garnered an amazing record deal with a small record label out of Dallas, Texas. Brandon loves to sing (Like his Uncle Alan) he used to sing all over the state of Utah with his band "Wild Country". They opened for many artists, although his most memorable was Chris Ledoux in Salina. He loves his family, his dog (which happens to be a Wolf/Husky mix), Country music, Football, (Go Cowboy's, Nascar (Go Dale JR!), and Basketball (Go Jazz!) Brandon's favorite food is Italian. His favorite saying is "Get-ER-Done" The rest of his history has been mysteriously deleted, (Something about Navy Seals). Brandon gives a special Thanks to Ed Hill, Scott Maholic, John Dimick, Jeff Cochran, John Edwards, Lou Simon, Big Steve, John Marks and many others that mentored him. He now resides in Ephraim and is on the air everyday at 97.7 The Wolf. Shotgun Jackson can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from 2pm to 7pm.


Cody Alan hosts CMT's premiere country music and entertainment radio show Monday through Friday on CMT Radio Live With Cody Alan, broadcasting across America from Nashville! Alan is the official voice of the CMT Music Awards. He always brings fans the action on the red carpet of all the major award shows, including the CMA Awards and ACM Awards, and of course, the CMT Music Awards.

Alan is a respected veteran personality in the broadcast industry. After stints in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, he made it to the major leagues at age 23 when he landed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Along the way, he has received numerous national awards including DJ of the year from Country Radio Broadcasters, with his most recent nomination from the Academy of Country Music. Nominated for Radio Music Awards air personality of the year, he has been honored at the Grand Ole Opry, featured in USA Today and GQ magazine. Alan was named Radio and Records Music director of the year five times, while Billboard magazine and the Radio Music Awards honored him with the annual title as well.

Cody can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays from 7pm to Midnight.

Whitney allen

Whitney Allen: Whitney Allen is one of only three known people living in Los Angeles who was actually BORN here. Whitney knew she wanted to be in radio when she was 5 years old, that dream was almost sidetracked by a longing to pursue veterinary medicine but she discovered that the whole "math, biology thing was not in my genetic make-up--but talking was".

On a trip to Eureka, California she heard a woman on the radio who “sounded like she wanted to steal my boyfriend, it was uncomfortable for me to listen to. I knew I wanted to be on the radio, but knew I did not want to sound at all like that!"

Whitney ended up getting that very air shift at KATA and stayed in Eureka for 2 years, “'til the rain got to me”. Then it was off to San Diego California where she worked at Top 40 KS-103, Country’s Q105 and held down the nights at the station that went from worst to first in less than three months, KKLQ, Q-106.

“Right after I bought a house in San Diego I got a call from the legendary Scott Shannon who was starting up Pirate Radio in Los Angeles”. He wanted Whitney to anchor the midday show. San Diego was a hard place to leave, but “Los Angeles was my hometown and I always wanted to make it there”. She did.

After Pirate Radio she was immediately hired to work at KIIS-FM in Los Angeles where she worked for over 3 years. “Just to be working at the same station as Rick Dees was amazing. Many mornings I actually got to work with him too…that’s a long way from Eureka!”

Another big name called Whitney up when she was working at KIIS. "Blair Garner and I worked together at KIIS, I did mid-days while Blair did afternoons. When he left to start After MidNite he wanted me to be a part of it, but I couldn't leave KIIS right then. As soon as the gig ended Blair asked me to hold on for a couple of months and he would create a place for me."

Whitney hosted the Nationally syndicated program "After MidNite Weekends with Whitney Allen", which ran overnights on over 200 stations nationwide for 8 years. She was also Blair Garners exclusive fill in host for After MidNite.

Whitney is thrilled to headline her very own show. "but I couldn't do this without a great team behind me, The Big Time Saturday Night is a dream come true".

When not working she loves hiking, talking, napping, Mexico, Survivor and hanging out with her dogs Mattie and Flue, and her too many cats. Oh, and she promises she’ll never sound like a girl who wants to steal your boyfriend. She already has one of those. She hangs out with him a lot too.

Whitney Allen can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from 7pm to Midnight.


Willy "The Radio Cowboy": Tune in for live radio events in the mid-utah radio listening area. Willy can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from .

Blair garner

Blair Garner: Blair Garner hosts the highly acclaimed Country radio show After MidNite, a six-hour nationally syndicated show that airs on nearly 260 affiliates, including WXTU-FM/Philadelphia, WKLB-FM/Boston, WMZQ-FM/Washington, D.C., WUBL-FM/Atlanta, KNIX-FM/Phoenix and WPOC-FM/Baltimore.

In 2006, Garner won the Academy of Country Music’s “On-Air Personality of the Year” Award in the national category. He also won this award in 2004 when the national and local categories were combined. Garner’s popularity is attributed to him keeping his show fresh and entertaining with guests such as George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Lonestar, Alan Jackson, and Keith Urban

Garner started his radio career in Canyon, Texas, later moving to Dallas to work at KAFM-FM, then to Washington, D.C.’s WASH-FM. From there, he moved to Houston to work at KKBQ-FM. Months later, WPLJ-FM in New York recruited Garner as their afternoon-drive host, where he was named among the top ten most-listened-to disc jockeys in America. Garner then moved to the West Coast and worked as the afternoon-drive personality for KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. After having ratings success in five of the top 10 markets, Garner created After MidNite, which was purchased by Premiere Radio Networks in 1997.

This Canyon, Texas, native graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Advertising. He prides himself in his car collection. He bought his first car when he was 12 years old and, to date, has owned and renovated more than 70 cars (and counting!). Blair Garner can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and weekends from Midnight to 6am.

Annie g

Annie G: Anne’s just a little familiar with radio. Ten years on the air in San Francisco, ten in Los Angeles, eight in Nashville. There’s more to the story (TV, voiceover work, co-writing specials for labels, artist interviews) but what matters most is that she delivers the details on New Music Nashville and has since the show’s start. One memorable interview moment, says Annie G., is when Keith Urban told her he liked her hair. She added “yes, ladies, he really is a very nice guy”.. Annie G. can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from .

Bob g

Bob G: With a career solidly based in broadcasting, Bob’s background could best be described as diverse and extensive. He received five nominations from either Billboard or Gavin Magazines as the Operations-Program Director of the Year, winning the coveted Gavin award in 1987. Bob served as the Country Radio Seminar Agenda Chairman in 1993 and on the CRS Board of Directors.

For seven years Bob was Director of Operations and Programming of America’s highest billing Country combo, KZLA/KLAC in Los Angeles. After leaving KZLA/KLAC he helped CBS Radio launch “The Arrow” also in L.A. and served as both a consultant to the Program Director and as Afternoon Drive air talent. The former Oldies station jumped from 20th in the market to number two in just two ratings books. When he left “The Arrow” in 1994 he was the number one rated personality in the 25-54 demographic in the market.

Bob’s now heard on over 300 radio stations across the U.S. He has also written, voiced, and produced many radio specials for artists such as GarthBrooks, the Dixie Chicks, and Montgomery Gentry. Bob G can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from

Bob schadt

Bob Schadt: Racing Country now in its 21st year is a weekly two-hour music intensive variety show featuring insights and interviews from behind the scenes of NASCAR and Nashville. Co-Hosts Paul & Cathy are well known members of the media community: Paul Schadt - Charlotte's top Country Morning Man and Cathy Martindale - award-winning Nashville anchor. Racing Country reaches millions of listeners weekly playing the best selection of country music and original interviews straight from the NASCAR Garage and the Nashville recording studios.. Bob Schadt can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from .

Cathy martindale

Cathy Martindale: Racing Country now in its 21st year is a weekly two-hour music intensive variety show featuring insights and interviews from behind the scenes of NASCAR and Nashville. Co-Hosts Paul & Cathy are well known members of the media community: Paul Schadt - Charlotte's top Country Morning Man and Cathy Martindale - award-winning Nashville anchor. Racing Country reaches millions of listeners weekly playing the best selection of country music and original interviews straight from the NASCAR Garage and the Nashville recording studios. Cathy Martindale can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM weekdays and saturday from .

Crook & chase

Crook & Chase: Back in 1983, Crook and Chase had heard of each other, but had never met. Lorianne was hosting her own show on the ABC television affiliate in Nashville and Charlie was hosting his own show on the competing NBC affiliate. (In all honesty, Lorianne had been a fan of Charlie's since her high school days when she and her cheerleading buddies listened to Charlie as a DJ on his radio show on WMAK). Charlie is quick to point out that is just a rumor, but Lorianne stands by her story.

Unbeknownst to either of them, while they were going about their business of hosting their TV shows, a famous producer by the name of Jim Owens was watching each of them on their respective stations. Jim had a hunch that Lorianne and Charlie might work well together as a team reporting on country music and its stars. At that time, there was no television show of any kind along that line.

In April of 1983, Jim arranged a meeting, bringing himself together with Crook and Chase at the Opryland Hotel. It was there that he told them of his idea for a syndicated TV show he was creating called THIS WEEK IN COUNTRY MUSIC that he would like for them to host. Lorianne and Charlie took an instant liking to each other, and one thing led to another. By June of that year, they had produced a pilot episode of the show, which Jim was successful in selling all across the nation. Crook & Chase debuted as a team in September of '83.

THIS WEEK IN COUNTRY MUSIC remained a popular syndicated show for two years, after which, the fledgling network TNN requested exclusive airing rights beginning in 1985. Crook and Chase remained on TNN until its demise as a country network at the end of 1999. During those 16 years, Lorianne and Charlie became two of the network's most popular and respected hosts, producing thousands of hours of programming, including THE CROOK & CHASE SHOW, CROOK & CHASE TONIGHT, MUSIC CITY TONIGHT WITH CROOK & CHASE, CELEBRITIES OFFSTAGE, FUNNY BUSINESS, TODAY'S COUNTRY, and countless award shows and specials.

Much of their personal and professional history was documented in their 1995 book "CROOK AND CHASE: OUR LIVES, THE MUSIC, AND THE STARS".

Since teaming up in 1983, Crook and Chase have been involved in the production of television and radio programs on a continuous basis, making them one of the longest running broadcast duos in the business. In fact this year, Lorianne and Charlie are celebrating their 25th year together as a team!

And they're still going strong! Each week, they host the syndicated radio program, THE CROOK AND CHASE COUNTDOWN, as well as CROOK & CHASE UPDATES, which air all across America. You can also catch their tv show CROOK & CHASE every week on RFD-TV, the same network that is also carrying LORIANNE CROOK'S CELEBRITY KITCHEN. In addition, Lorianne can often be seen hosting specials, such as the CMA CELEBRITY CLOSE-UP on GAC. And Charlie gets up in the wee hours of the morning every weekday for TENNESSEE MORNINGS on Fox 17 in Nashville.

Crook & Chase. 25 years. And counting!

Crook & Chase can be heard on KWUT 97.7 FM saturday and sunday from 6pm to 10pm.