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Alpaca Geldings

Sterling, Utah

$ 100.00



Two pet grade alpacas for $100. The brown one is Stanley & he will eat pellets out of your hand. He's 9. The white one is Clifford & he is 4 and a little more shy. We have decided on breeding for fiber quality and these two guys don't fit the bill but are gentle and cute. They must be sold as a pair because they are herd animals and need a buddy. They are not livestock guardians. That is the job of their much larger cousins, the llama. They prefer grass hay, alpaca pellets and getting their tummies sprayed with water when it is hot. They need to be shaved in the spring every year to keep cool. They only need a 3 sided shelter & will happily sit in the snow. Stanley is halter trained. Clifford is too but needs a little more work.

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