Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Assist in Arrest of Man Near Delta

Published on January 01, 2018 at 10:19AM

By Aimee Cobabe

On 12/30/17, Deputies responded at approximately 9:00 AM to a rural address a few miles northwest of Delta. Dispatch had received a call from a woman reporting that she had been assaulted in her home.

As Deputies arrived and contacted the woman a short distance from her residence, she disclosed that a man she had acquainted with had become intoxicated in the night and physically assaulted her. Deputies observed minor injuries. She further shared that the man had also pointed firearms at her. She was able to get out of the residence while calling the Sheriff’s Office. She reported that at that time, the man yelled from the residence that he would shoot any responding law enforcement.

More Deputies were dispatched and a containment of the area was made. Utah Highway Patrol and the Division of Natural Resources also responded rendering assistance. Given the nature of the call and information that the suspect had loaded rifles available to him, Utah County Metro SWAT was summoned.

SWAT arrived and deployed. Within the deployment, the suspect appeared outside the residence and walked towards Deputies and surrendered peacefully. He was taken into custody. Soon thereafter, weapons matching the description offered by the victim were located outside very near where the suspect had appeared.

Michael Eric Kalarney (51) will be booked into the Millard County Jail for: Terroristic Threat – 2nd Degree Felony and Aggravated Assault – 3rd Degree Felony. Other criminal charges may be screened by the Millard County Attorney’s Office.

We are thankful for the safety of the victim, the peaceful ending to this encounter, and for the assistance rendered to us by our fellow law enforcement agencies.