Preliminary hearing date set for Mt. Pleasant man

Published on October 12, 2017 at 06:52AM

A preliminary hearing date has been set for a Mt. Pleasant man accused of killing his fiancee earlier this year. Anthony Christensen has been charged with the domestic violence death of Kammy Mae Edmunds. Edmunds was found dead in her home on March 31 of this year. The hearing has been set for December 12. The delay in setting the hearing was due in part to the length of time it took the State Medical Examiner to return Edmund’s autopsy results to the prosecution and the defense.

Appearing in court on October 11, Christensen presented several motions to Judge Wallace Lee, including a motion to stop cruel and unusual punishment he felt he was receiving at the Sanpete County Jail because of the high profile nature of the charges. However, Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Jeff Nielsen told the judge Christensen is considered a maximum security inmate, and his treatment has been consistent with other maximum security inmates the jail has handled. He stated some of the measures were for Christensen’s safety at the facility, and the motion was denied. Christensen’s other motions were also denied by the judge. Christensen’s attorney did make a motion asking for funds to hire an expert witness, and that motion was approved by Judge Lee.