I-70 construction closes on-ramp in Richfield

Published on October 04, 2017 at 02:04PM


Motorists leaving Richfield to travel westbound on I-70 will need to use the on-ramp at 1300 South (exit 37) to enter the freeway.

Construction workers will be working on the on-ramp on the north end of town to expedite paving operations between exits 37 an 40.

The on-ramp closure is expected to increase southbound traffic on Main Street.

Richfield City Mayor Dave Ogden hopes to take advantage of this opportunity of having more people come through town.

“I’d like to make lemonade out of a lemon by welcoming them if the pull over,” Ogden said. “Some of them might be a little frustrated because they want to get down the road. But when they see our beautiful town, the way main street looks, and our people, they’ll be perhaps more interested in coming back here or staying a night.”

Traffic leaving Richfield to travel eastbound on I-70 will be able to use both interchanges. All exits will remain open.

Construction on the I-70 project is anticipated to continue into Spring of 2018.