City inquiry into $13K found in safe uncovers no misdeeds

Published on August 08, 2017 at 10:59AM

KAYSVILLE, Utah (AP) — Kaysville City Manager Shayne Scott says the investigation that led to the discovery last year of $13,000 in a Kaysville Public Works Department safe has concluded with no revelations of misdeeds.

The Standard-Examiner ( ) reported Monday that Scott says the investigation could not “prove any misuse of money,” though investigators also could not definitively disprove misuse, either.

Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings’ office launched an investigation into the public works department in 2016, as sought by the city, stemming from unspecified allegations of improprieties. Investigators discovered the $13,000 in the course of their efforts and Scott said Friday they couldn’t track the origin of the funds with 100 percent certainty.