Salina City Police Chief to Resign

Published on July 12, 2017 at 07:21PM


Re: Eric Pratt resignation as Police Chief, leaving full-time law enforcement

I am announcing my resignation as Salina City Police Chief effective December 31st, 2017. I’ve been honored to serve as a police officer with the Salina City Police Department over the past nearly 10 years, with the last nearly 4 years as Chief of Police. There’s no doubt that I’ve had some of the most meaningful and heartfelt interactions that I will probably ever have in my life during the past 12 years I’ve spent in public safety, and I am leaving with a heavy heart because I know there is so much more I’d love to do. I doubt I will ever work in another profession as meaningful and rewarding as law enforcement. But alas, life is short and there is so much more to see and do. The years are flying by and I feel myself getting older and I can’t deny that I’m watching my other interests slip away from me. After several years of self-reflection, I’ve come to decide that now is a great time to pursue other interests and experience life from new vantage points.

I have been blessed to work under Mayors Reynolds, Miller, and now my friend Mayor Deaton during my time with SCPD, and regret that I won’t be sticking around to serve under Jed Maxwell, who is likely to succeed Mayor Deaton. I also consider Jed a friend and I would’ve been honored to work under him as well. In all my years with the city I feel I’ve been treated fairly and with kindness, and would say that each mayor and councilmember has always gone out of their way to support me and the police department.

To the citizens whom I’ve served, I’ve undoubtedly intentionally or unintentionally offended some of you, and others I’ve endeared myself to. Either way, my intentions have always been to work for the good of our community and admittedly I experienced quite a learning curve from 2008 until the present. I appreciate the love and support I’ve felt from so many and value the relationships I’ve established over the years. I will honestly miss being trusted to come to your homes in an effort to right some of the wrongs, prevent still others, and just support you when that’s all I could do. Salina is filled with some really amazing people and that’s one thing that has kept me here this long. While some deputies have preferred to have a larger county area to roam, or other officers have sought out larger cities to patrol, I’ve been quite content with my 6 square miles, because at the end of the day I’ve always liked being closer to a smaller number of people than being less close to a larger number of people.

I will likely make some feeble attempts at the American dream over the next year or two; in my mind meaning I will work towards being my own boss as I pursue some right-brained projects that have been nagging at me to show them some attention. I will likely continue on doing some sporadic part-time police work in order to keep my peace officer certification active in case it turns out that policing really is the only thing I’m capable of doing, in which case I may come back to law enforcement in a couple of years. Until then, thank you all for the support I’ve received over the years, and may you continue to be well served by the many wonderful and professional officers, troopers, and deputies serving in the North Sevier area.

Chief Eric Pratt