Lock down lifted at Fairview Elementary; parents to pick up students at the school

Published on April 17, 2017 at 01:21PM

A suspect is in custody in Fairview following an incident this morning, and Fairview Elementary is no longer on lock down. However, because of the increased number of vehicles in the area of the incident, the district is asking parents to pick up their children at the school if they don’t ride the bus. Here is the information from the North Sanpete School District:

Due to law enforcement activity in Fairview today, Fairview Elementary walking students and North Sanpete Middle School students living in the Fairview walk zone will be released only to parents (or other adults on the student’s emergency release list). Fairview Elementary students that ride the bus will ride home as usual. Fairview Elementary walking students will remain at the school until parents (or another adult on the emergency release list) comes to the school to pick them up.

North Sanpete Middle School students living in Fairview City will be transported to Fairview. Parents (or other adults on the student’s emergency pick-up list) can meet the students at their regular bus stop to pick up their student when the bus arrives. The bus will meet parents at the museum if their students usually get off of the bus at either 1st East and 2nd North, or at 4th East and 2nd North. Any middle school students not met at the bus stop will be delivered to Fairview Elementary to wait for their parents.