National Guard Training Continues in Sanpete County

Published on August 15, 2014 at 12:21PM

A Special Forces unit from the Utah National Guard is continuing their training in Sanpete County. Lt. Col. Larry Henry told KSL that “The purpose of this exercise is to keep everyone proficient in airborne operations.” Soldiers from the Utah National Guard are jumping out of a Blackhawk helicopter from 1,500 feet as part of the training. The Forests Service and local landowners provided the training ground in Sanpete County near the Manti-Ephraim airport. The mountains allow the soldiers to simulate high elevations and rugged regions in other parts of the world. In all, 300 soldiers are involved in the training trough next week. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the exercise pretends an “unfriendly government” has occupied Sanpete County. The exercise began August 2.