Millard County Candidate Asks for Re-Count

Published on July 08, 2014 at 01:01PM


Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

A Millard County Commission candidate who thought he’d won the Republican primary last month, only to learn he lost by five votes is questioning whether the ballot tally was on the level. Jim Dyer appeared to have eked out a one-vote win over incumbent James Withers, only to see the outcome flip at the final tally. County Clerk Norma Brunson said there were a number of provisional and absentee ballots, all legally cast, that were added to the final results, giving Withers a five-vote margin of victory. But Dyer and some supporters said they were told there were no uncounted provisional or absentee ballots after the unofficial tally. Dyer has asked for a recount and may formally contest the outcome of the election.

Brunson said her office handled the provisional ballots the same way it always does. She said if they are verified as legal ballots they are added to the totals at the canvass. Brunson told The Salt Lake Tribune that “There were no surprise ballots. They keep throwing that at us. They were legal.” If Dyer officially contests the election, the motion would have to be filed this week with the lieutenant governor’s office.