Cedar City Makes Headway on Prairie Dog Fence

Published on July 08, 2014 at 12:44PM

Credit: The Spectrum

Iron County Commissioner Dave Miller said last week he would loan Cedar City $100,000 if necessary to build a prairie-dog fence around the golf course but he may not have to now as the city and the county have come together to make the project happen, or at least half of it. With only about $36,000 in the bank after buying $122,000 in fencing materials, the Cedar City Council voted last week to deny a recent bid for the 10,000-foot prairie dog fence around the golf course that would have cost them $135,000.

Miller was instrumental in coordinating all the financial arrangements with the state, city and county that together came up with $160,000 for the fence. However, it wasn’t enough, prompting Miller to offer to loan the city money last week to complete the fence. The city has not yet said if they will accept the offer or not.