Gun Lobbyist Resolves Case, Regains Access to Guns

Published on June 25, 2014 at 12:39PM

Utah’s top gun lobbyist will once again be able to access his arsenal after resolving a criminal case against him. Clark Aposhian pleaded no contests Monday to a disorderly conduct infraction stemming from honking a horn, and was ordered to pay a $320 fine. His lawyer says Aposhian feels “vindicated” that other counts, including a domestic violence charge, were dismissed.

Aposhian had to surrender his weapons last year after his Memorial Day arrest. He was accused of backing up a military-grade vehicle briefly at his ex-wife’s home and telling her new husband, “I’ll bury you.” His ex-wife won a stalking injunction and a protective order, which temporarily suspended Aposhian’s right to possess guns or use his concealed-carry permit. Aposhian said he was only in the driveway to make a U-turn.