Local pressure forces BLM to quicken horse round-up plans

Published on May 01, 2014 at 01:26PM

Bureau of Land Management’s Utah office is fast-tracking proposed roundups of wild horses in Utah. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the BLM wants to remove 607 horses this summer form the Bible Springs Complex northwest of Cedar City, an area now home to an estimated 777 horses but able to sustain only 170. Managers also want to gather 400 horse from the Sulphur herd management area that stretches from northern Iron County north along Beaver County’s western border and into Millard County. According to The Tribune, that herd has exploded to about 718 horses, nearly three times as many as the 250 horses the BLM says the land can handle.

County commissioner in Iron and Beaver County, heeding angry ranchers who have been asked by the BLM to cut their livestock grazing in half, had been threatening to round up the horses themselves in early April. They’ve backed away from that plan because it is foaling season until July 1. They insist, however, that they’ll begin removing horses in July if the BLM won’t.