Utah considers allowing crow hunting

Published on May 01, 2014 at 01:18PM

Members of the public are being asked to share their views as the State of Utah considers authorizing its first crow hunt. Mark Hadley with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says the agency is holding a series of meeting throughout the state in May to get feedback on the proposed crow hunt. He says the crow population has grown so large that it’s beginning to be a problem, both for farmers and city-dwellers. Hadley said, “Crows in the State of Utah are starting to cause some challenges at some fruit orchards. And also, were getting more calls from people in neighborhoods that are just concerned about the number of crow they’re seeing and the mess that the birds might leave.”

Hadley said if approved by the Utah Wildlife Board, crow-hunting would be allowed the entire month of September, and could also run December first through the end of February. He says it would require a hunting license, and hunters would be limited to ten birds per day, with no more than 30 in their possession at any one time. Hadley suggests that crow-hunting has been practiced in several neighboring state for several years.