Rancher Challenges Congressman's Claims

Published on April 30, 2014 at 10:40AM

(Bunkerville, NV) — Cliven Bundy is challenging a claim that militia members backing his fight with the federal government continue to have an armed presence and checkpoints near his Bunkerville ranch. The 68-year-old Bundy tells the “Las Vegas Review-Journal” he wants to know how many complaints Congressman Steven Horsford has received from the town’s 13-hundred residents. Bundy says he, quote, “never heard anything about any problems.” Horsford has asked for an investigation, claiming many of his constituents, quote, “fear for their safety.” The Bureau of Land Management ended a week-long roundup of Bundy’s cattle April 12th, following an armed standoff between federal agents and Bundy’s supporters. The rancher has refused to pay over one-million dollars in federal grazing fees.