Monroe Resident Avoids Phone Scam

Published on April 29, 2014 at 12:05PM

A Sevier County resident was able to avoid a phone scam by confirming with his family members before sending any money to a caller. Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis said that Carlisle Brown of Monroe received a call from a woman claiming to be his oldest granddaughter. The woman told Brown she was in need of cash for bail money for her husband who was involved in an accident and had drugs on him. Sheriff Curtis said Brown was suspicious and called his granddaughter and found that they were okay and nobody in the family was trying to get out of jail.

Sheriff Curtis said that this is a common type of recent scam that has hit the Sevier County area. He encouraged the public to be careful who they give information to, and to verify with family members before they send money or give out credit card information.