Sevier County Commissioner Pass Resolution Against Cattle Auction

Published on April 04, 2014 at 01:38PM


In response to Nevada cattle seized by the BLM that are scheduled to be sold in an auction in Monroe, Sevier County commissioners passed a resolution Friday urging the BLM to reconsider their plans. Commissioner Gordon Topham said the County legally can not stop the auction from happening, but said the commissioners are concerned about the high emotions involved and says mis-information has helped fuel the fire. In the resolution, the commissioners have asked the Nevada BLM to not carry out their plans to bring the cattle to Sevier County for auction until all the information has been clarified. The resolution also asks that if the cattle are to be be auctioned by R. Livestock Auction, that the auction take place in Nevada and not in Utah. The commissioners also have asked all protesters, regardless of their position in the issue, to stay safe and civil.

The cattle are owned by Cliven Bundy, a rancher from Bunkerville Nevada, south of Mesquite. The BLM says the cattle need to be confiscated because they are trespassing on public lands after court orders for Bundy to remove them, stating that Bundy stopped paying for his grazing rights nearly 20 years ago. Bundy states that he owns the rights after his ancestors payed for them before the BLM was formed, and states he stopped paying his dues because the BLM was not caring for the land as agreed.