State Offers Incentive to Mona Tomato Farm

Published on March 14, 2014 at 11:06AM

Utah has offered a $4.6 million incentive to a tomato-growing company to build a farm in Juab County. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the 28-acre farm would employ 280 people and fuel its operations partly with waste heat from a nearby power plant. The Tribune says that Houweling’s Tomatoes plans to invest $79 million in a two-phase development adjacent to Rocky Mountain Power’s Currant Creek power plant in Mona. The facility plans to used advanced climate control technology, taking advantage of excess heat created at the Currant Creek plant to warm the greenhouses and carbon dioxide captured from the power plant’s stacks to fertilize the tomatoes.

Juab County Commissioner Rick Carlton told the Salt Lake Tribune that he is exhilarated a deal could be worked out between the company, the utility, the state and the county. Juab County has courted Houweling’s for more than a year, seeking the 280 jobs projected and the $268 million in new state wages over the 20-year life of the incentive.