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Senate Gives Early OK for School CO Monitor Bill

Published on February 19, 2014 at 12:46PM

The Utah Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill requiring all Utah K-12 schools install carbon monoxide monitors. Senators voted 26-1 on Tuesday to advance the bill for a final vote, which could come Wednesday. If approved, it would then move to the House. Salt Lake City Democratic Sen. Jim Dabakis says he’s sponsoring the bill in the wake of a gas leak at an elementary school in Blanding last November that sickened more than 40 people.

Utah is among the many state that don’t require carbon monoxide detectors in schools. The devices would need to be installed in mechanical rooms near furnaces or water heaters and kitchen areas in buildings with gas appliances. Legislative staff estimates districts will spend at least $900,000, or about $800 per school, to buy the devices.