Swallow Disputes Investigator's Missing Record Claims

Published on November 08, 2013 at 11:42AM

Utah Attorney General John Swallow is hitting back against recent claims from a legislative investigator who says there’s a “disturbing pattern” of missing records from Swallow’s computers. Swallow told KSL Radio’s Doug Wright on Thursday that his office has turned over thousands of records as part of an investigation by House lawmakers. On Tuesday, the investigation’s special counsel told lawmakers that a large number of Swallow’s records are missing, touching almost all of his personal and work computers. The attorney general disputed that on Thursday, saying his office has turned over thousands of pages of documents. He also says he’s never intentionally deleted records relevant to the investigation and is working to recover anything missing. The lawmakers are investigating misconduct allegations that have dogged Swallow since January. Swallow has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.