West Point Man Cited for Reaction to Trick-Or-Treat Prank

Published on November 05, 2013 at 12:51PM

Deputies say they have cited a Davis County resident who held a trick-or-treater against his will after the teen played a prank. KSL reports the incident happened on Halloween night after a group of teens rang a doorbell in West Point. Sheriff’s Sgt. Susan Poulsen says the man who opened the door found a 14 year old boy lying on his porch and playing dead. Poulsen says it was apparently the last straw for the 37 year old man, who pulled the teen into his house then locked the door and demanded the boy’s phone number. Poulsen says the man let the boy go shortly after when the other teens knocked on the door. The teens left and told their parents, who then called deputies. Authorities say the man was cited for unlawful detention and released.