Castle Dale Flood

Published on September 12, 2013 at 12:47PM


Wednesday afternoon a flash flood on Cottonwood Canyon Road near Joes Valley threw large trees and boulders the size of large vehicles down the road towards Castle Dale. The flooding forced nearby roads to close including, Moore on SR 10, Clawson at the junction of SR 10 and in Castle Dale at 500 East 500 South. A mud slide was also reported by the US Highway 6. The rush of water and debris filled roadways throughout Castle Dale. Fire Crews were called to help the Emery County Road Department with road closures and evacuations. The crews worked a few hours to clear debris. The flooding pushed back the workers several times, which hindered their progress. Local residents shored up their homes to protect themselves from the flood. The crews also hope that the continuous rain doesn’t worsen the conditions in the area. So far no injuries have been reported.