Potential changes to Utah's school grading law

Published on September 12, 2013 at 11:35AM

Governor Gary Herbert is negotiating with Senate President Wayne Niederhauser on legislation that would add more detail to the state’s new school grading system. Gov. Herbert said that without changes the grades offer only little help to parents and educators who are looking to improve education. The statewide grades, which were released last week, are scored by students proficiency on statewide math, science and language arts tests and the percentage of students who show sufficient annual growth in their scores. Graduation rates also boost high schools scores. The changes that are being discussed won’t be anything major. It is described as a “few minor tweaks.” One of those changes include taking away the possibility of giving a school an automatic F for failing to test 95% of its students. They still plan on lowering scores of schools who fail to do that. Out of the 885 schools only 11% received an A grade. That included South Sevier. Richfield, Manti, Gunnison, and North Sevier all got a B grade.