Obama, Congress to meet today to discuss Syria Strike

Published on September 10, 2013 at 12:19PM


Utah as well as most of the nation will be watching as Congress opens the debate today on a possible military strike on the nation on Syria. President Barack Obama is also expected to address the country today as he pushes for military action against the Syrian regime. He says those people need to be punished for using chemical weapons against their own people. Opponents however say that the action could lead to another costly war for the U.S. It is also reported that a military strike would be very expensive. It would be similar to the strike on Libya a few years ago. The cost of that totaled over one billion dollars. President Obama has told reporters that he is aware that there is a lot of American opposition for the strike. But he says that Congress needs to make the right decision for the country. Professor Marjorie Cohn at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law says that even if Congress approves of the strike, it would be against the international law. There are two conditions needed to go on with such action. The U.S. hasn’t met either one. Those two requirements included; if acting in self-defense or if the Security Council approves of it. President Obama has a tough road ahead of him in making his case to the American people. Polling has shown that nearly 60% of Americans are against the military action against Syria.