New Richfield Company Fighting Through Lawsuit

Published on July 10, 2013 at 11:30AM


A local restaurant is in the middle of a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Saltair Burger Co., a food truck that recently opened in Richfield, is being sued by Salt City Burger Co., a restaurant in Bountiful, for use of a similar name and trade dress. The company is asking Saltair Burger Co. to change its name and “vintage’ aesthetic, which they claim is “deceptively similar” to that of Salt City Burger Co. In the lawsuit, Salt City Burger Co. said it has been open since 2008. Saltair Burger Company was established earlier this year. The lawsuit claims Saltair Burger Company’s owner has “expressed plans to open a restaurant exactly like Salt City Burger Co.” In a facebook post last week, Saltair Burger Co. told is followers about the lawsuit, claiming it did not have the funds to fight it, and that they have spoken to the owner of Salt City Burger but he has not compassion and wants them out of business.