Utah Regents Approves Boosting College Presidents' Pay

Published on May 20, 2013 at 01:09PM

Utah public college presidents would get raises of up to 24 percent in July under a plan approved by the Utah Board of Regents Friday. The extra money is designed to bring relatively low presidential salaries closer to rates at similar schools. Dixie State University President Stephen Naduald would get a 20 percent bump according to the plan, to just over $193,000 a year. The yet-to-be chosen new president of Southern Utah University would increase 10 percent to just over $215,000. Outgoing SUU president Michael Benson doubled his salary to $400,000 by taking the job as president of Eastern Kentucky University earlier this year. That kind of pay bump isn’t unusual for presidents after they leave Utah. Utah Commissioner of Higher Education David Buhler said that’s why Utah needs to be more competitive on salary.