Race Parsons Competes in Atlanta

Published on April 05, 2013 at 11:08AM

South Sevier High School’s all time leading scorer is preparing to compete in the American Family Insurance 3-point contest in Atlanta, Georgia. Parsons earned the trip to Georgia after winning head to head matches in a voting contests with other seniors around the country. Race will now shoot 3-pointers against 7 other finalists during the NCAA Final Four. South Sevier Basketball Coach Scott Hunt said that “Being involved in this 3-point contest is a phenomenal feat.” Coach Hunt also spoke about the vast community support that Parsons has received through the voting, saying it “speaks to the kind of young man that Race is, because if he was some arrogant, cocky kid, then the community wouldn’t back him like it has. They know who Race is and what he stands for.” During Race’s senior season he shot 45% from beyond the arc and averaged 3.5 3 pointers per game. The 3-point contest can be seen live on CBS at 12:00 pm Saturday April 6th.