Thousands of Dollars In Damages with Koosharem Garage Fire

Published on March 27, 2013 at 01:12PM

Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a fire in Koosharem yesterday (3/26) afternoon. Richfield and Koosharem fire departments were able to put the fire out. The building was a metal structure with a living area in one side of it. The owners were in the living quarters when they noticed an unusually large amount of smoke coming past the window. The owner, 69-year-old Chad Torgerson had just started a fire in the fireplace in the garage. When he went to check on the fireplace, the entire shop was filled with black smoke. Torgerson was able to get his truck and several personal items from the building. When he opened the garage door to get his truck out, the fire completely engulfed the garage. Loss was estimated at over 100-thousand dollars. The investigation has been turned over to the State Fire Marshall’s office. Apparently the fire was so hot, the large steel beams started to bend.