3-A South Region Football Media Day

3-A South Region Football Media Day

Tuesday, Painter Motor of Nephi, for the second consecutive year, hosted the 3-A South region football media day.

In the Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network coverage area, those teams who showed up at the proceedings included Manti, Juab and North Sanpete.

1:33 p.m.

The press conference concluded with the North Sanpete Hawks, represented by coach Rhett Bird, QB Chance Clawson and key teammates Brock Justesen, Dustin Ashworth and Maison Burgess.

In essence, Bird has grown up with this squad, as he was their freshman coach. Therefore, he definitively confirmed that this is “an excellent senior class.”

Bird confirmed he will tolerate no excuses, and that has always been his mantra since he began coaching at North Sanpete. He also spoke of the success and continuity the Hawks have had with weight training this offseason.

When asked about his tough non-conference schedule, Bird unabashedly said that he looks forward to it and that he always appreciates challenges.

Bird said he is back in the swing as the de facto offensive coordinator for the Hawks and stresses the importance of playing turnover-free football.

When asked about rivalry games, Ashworth said he looks forward to Juab and Manti and Burgess echoes these sentiments. Additionally, Burgess said he anticipates the Juan Diego game.

Burgess, a star tailback for the Hawks, also says he looks forward to running behind his massive teammate, offensive lineman Ashworth.

1:13 p.m.

The Juan Diego Soaring Eagle, the defending state champions, were represented by head coach John Colosimo, tight end/linebacker Sam Knudson, interior lineman DJ Larson, tailback/outside linebacker Tristen Tonozzi and QB Conner Turner.

Turner, filling the massive cleats of Zach Hoffman, says he just looks forward to doing what he can to succeed for the team.

When Lovell asked Colosimo about how he can consistently contend for state championships, he mentioned that the caliber of kids that are at Juan Diego have a lot to do with the sustained success.

Turner also said he wants to see his squad come together, especially against teams (Bear View and Sky View in non-league) that represent larger schools.

12:49 p.m.

The Summit Academy Bears were the next squad to appear at the press conference. Representatives included head coach Les Hamilton, tailback Talmage Brown, defensive end Carson Wheaton, a returning All-State performer, receiver Parker Clawson, QB Kasey Briggs and offensive lineman Jacob Munger.

The Bears come in with great expectations and Hamilton confirmed his excitement about Briggs. Despite being a new QB, Hamilton says he has a firm command of the offense already. Brown, who amassed nearly 900 rushing yards  last season, says he especially has high expectations for himself.

Briggs says he expects to have nearly 3,000 passing yards this season. Wheaton says, collectively, as a defense, he hopes that he and his teammates can dominate, when Lovell asked him about his expectations.

When citing the disappointments of the past two seasons, Hamilton said it’s incumbent upon his team to “build their own bridge,” in order to potentially usher in new results.

Briggs confirmed that he “likes Parker [Clawson]” and that he has been a sufficient target for him thus far in team practices.

Unanimously, Hamilton, Brown, Wheaton, Clawson, Briggs and Munger all confirmed they are looking forward to their region tilt against defending state champion Juan Diego.

12:30 p.m.

Up next were the Manti Templars, coached by veteran Cole Meacham and also represented by nterior lineman Cade Braithwaite, tailback/outside linebacker Dallin Rasmussen, QB Kyle King and receiver/outside linebacker/DB Travis Thomson.

Rasmussen said a focal point this season is to finish drives. Meacham substantiated these words with his initial comments to Lovell.

Meacham, in drawing upon the Templars’ considerable success in other sports, such as boys’ basketball and baseball, he said it wasn’t necessarily talent that led them to excelling, but their grit and tenacity. He confirmed he hopes to see this from his football squad this season.

Meacham, in channeling comments that Bowring made previously, alluded to the vast parity that exists in the 3-A South region.

Meacham also said that he feels Manti is more prepared, or “qualified” to compete wire-to-wire at the 3-A level. He also spoke of the Templars’ first opponent, the Carbon Dinos, being a different team than they have been in the past three-four years.

Meacham says he wants to see the Templars get a tougher persona than the past. He would like to see his squad emerge both mentally and physically as the season progresses.

When Lovell asked the Templars’ players about the games they most look forward to, Braithwaite, Rasmussen and King all cited Summit Academy as the one they have circled. Thomson expressed the same sentiments as his teammates.

12:01 p.m.

The Juab Wasps commenced the proceedings with head coach Mike Bowring, receiver/defensive back Brigham Perry, QB Easton Wright, fullback/lineman/hybrid DE/LB Ty Durbin and receiver/defensive end Clarence Kool also appearing at the press conference.

Coach Bowring commenced the press conference by saying his Wasps will play an exciting brand of football and it should be fun to come out every Friday night.

When moderator, Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network broadcaster Rober Lovell, asked Durbin about his position change, he said it’s most important for him to remember his numerous blocking assignments.

Kool said he hopes to be a good example to the team and have fun while he’s out playing with his teammates.

Bowring lauded his players by saying “they’re team-first guys.” He praised their collective selflessness for being willing to make whatever sacrifices they had to for the good of the team.

Bowring also stressed the importance of ensuring his returning seniors help out the younger kids within the Juab football program, saying “it’s really big how in our program we treat others.” He confirmed this alleviates the transitional burden for newcomers to the program.

When Lovell asked Bowring about his schedule, he said “we’re ready to play someone else,” [alluding to the first two games of the season, road contests at Delta and Cedar respectively].

When asked about what game he was looking forward to, Perry said he’s looking forwad to the opener at Delta. Wright said he looks forward to Juan Diego. Durbin stated he looks forward to Delta and Kool said he anticipates the tilt against Juan Diego.