Oldest active Broadcaster in America to be inducted into Utah Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame

Oldest active Broadcaster in America to be inducted into Utah Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame

Joseph Gentry, who is the oldest continuing on-air broadcaster in America, will be inducted into the Utah Broadcasters Hall of Fame Thursday, May 17, 2018 in Richfield, UT.

Known in Richfield and surrounding areas as “Uncle Joe,” Gentry will be 101 years old , July 21. He was born in Richfield in 1917.

He graduated from Beaver High School in 1935 and later earned a BA degree from BYU.

His first stint on the radio was on station KSVC from 1955 to 1972, during which his duties included on air announcing, plus news and copy writing. He pursued other interests until 1982, when he was asked to return to KSVC and continue his weekly program “Musical Masterpieces “, which continues to the present.

The program airs every Sunday on KSVC from 9 to 10 am. It features well known musical recordings of various types. Gentry selects the numbers from his own record collection, and introduces each piece with a history of the composer, performer and the number.

He composes his own script on a manual typewriter and pre-records the program in the KSVC studios for the Sunday broadcast.

“Joe is a beloved and treasured member of the community,” says Doug Barton, KSVC owner. “Last year we marked his 100th birthday with a parade and party. Hundreds of people participated. He is a local ‘rock star’ in the community. Everyone, even youngsters, know and admire him.”

In 2014, he was honored as the Grand Marshall of the community’s July Fourth parade.

Michele Zabriskie, president of Utah Broadcasters Association, said, “We are very pleased to induct Joe Gentry into the UBA Hall of Fame. He is a natural for such an honor. The main contribution of radio today is the localism factor. Joe Gentry personifies that localism, and the local community responds with love and admiration.”

Zabriskie explained that UBA has polled state broadcast associations across the country, and none reported any current on-air broadcaster near the age of Gentry.

The Hall of Fame presentation will be held Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 7 pm at the Sevier County Courthouse.