I-70 traffic stops leads to chase and drug bust

I-70 traffic stops leads to chase and drug bust

A traffic stop in Sevier County on Monday lead to a police chase and drug bust.

According to Utah Highway Patrol, 36-year-old Quincy Brown was pulled over Monday for an equipment violation while traveling East on I-70.

The officer called for a K-9 to sniff the vehicle and when the dog began, Brown took off.

UHP pursued and a few miles down the road, Brown jumped out of the car and ran off the eastbound shoulder. The car though, continued through the median, across the westbound lanes and off the shoulder where it finally stopped.

Patrol officers chased Brown with the K-9 dog.

According to UHP, Brown ran toward the officer and he used his taser and released the K-9, who bit Brown in his upper left arm.

Brown was than taken into custody. A backpack he had with him was empty, but officers found a pound of heroin a short distance away.