KWUT Programming Schedule


Midnight-6AMAfter Midnite with Blair Garner
6AM-10AMBig "D" and Bubba
10AM-2pm"The At Work Wolf Den"
All Request Country Star Cafe @ Noon!
The Top One @ One!
2PM-7PMThe Original "Shotgun" Jackson
Ledoux @ 2!
Kick It Or Keep It at 3:20
The Wolf "Word Of The Day" at 4:05!
The Outrageous Shotgun Brainbuster at 5!
The "Ten Most Wanted" Countdown at 6!
7PM-Midnight"The Big Time" With Whitney Allen


Midnight-6amAfter Midnite with Blair Garner
6AM-10AMCrook & Chase Countdown
2PM-7PM"Shotgun" Jackson
7PM-Midnight"The Big Time Saturday Night" with Whitney


Midnight-6AMAfter Midnite with Blair Garner
6AM-6:30AMMusic & The Spoken Word
6:30AM-7AMPositive Parenting with Mr. Dad Armin Brott
7AM-8AMNew Music Nashville
8AM-10AMRacing Country USA
10AM-6PMThe Wolf "Super Sunday"
6PM-10PMCrook & Chase Countdown
10PM-MidnightRacing Country USA