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Sunday Fireside

Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra with Sissell

12-02 Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra

Tabernacle Choir Christmas Special

11-25 Tabernacle Choir Christmas

Sheri Dew/ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland- Trails Of Life/ Lord-I Believe

11-18 Sheri Dew-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Bruce Lake/ Elder M. Russell Ballard- Spirituality/ Sacrifice

11-11 Bruce Lake-Elder Russell Ballard

John Harding/ President Dieter F. Uchtdorf- Competition/ Discover Truth

11-04 John Harding-President Uchtdorf

Robert Millet/ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland- Repentance/ Ministering Of Angels

10-28 Robert Millet-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Jack Christensen/ President Henry B. Eyring- Follow The Prophet/ Where Is The Pavilion

10-14 Jack Christensen-President Eyring

Richard Draper/ Elder David A. Bednar- Faith/ Come And See

10-07 Richard Draper-Elder Bednar

Steve Young/ President Thomas S. Monson- Testimony/ Your Influence

09-30 Steve Young-President Monson

Max Caldwell/ Elder Dallin H. Oaks

09-23 Max Caldwell-Elder Oaks